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EXTL 960 ITL Series

EXTL 960 ITL Series
Technical Docs

Solvent-Borne - Liner

EXTL-960 Insulating Tank Liner is the very latest in technology. This special purpose coating combines the chemical resistance of Excalibur's EXTL-960 Tank Liner along with the insulating qualities provided in Excalibur's Insul Coat Series. At the present time the only options for insulating frac and vacuum tanks operating in extremely cold environments are utilizing spray on insulation or a water based elastomeric insulating coating. Both of these products are applied to the exterior of the tanks. The first option is extremely expensive and leaves the owner with poor aesthetics. Both options still require a epoxy primer for corrosion protection and preferably a 2K acrylic polyurethane topcoat for chemical resistance and gloss retention resulting in a three coat system. In addition research conducted over the past decade has also concluded that the use of exterior coatings for retaining heat on the inside do not offer the performance or efficiency of coatings that are applied to the inside.

Recommended Uses: This coating was specifically formulated for use in the interiors of frac, vacuum and storage tanks in extremely cold climates where maintaining minimum storage temperatures is a primary requirement. Formulated for use in severe chemical and corrosion environments where resistance to a wide range of chemicals, yet retaining good flexibility are primary requirements.  Also used as an insulating primer under Insul Coat.  Used to help reduce condensation and corrosion on cold water piping, tanks and vessels.  For other recommendations contact your Excalibur representative.