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    Aqua-Poxy epoxy primer surfacer is specifically formulated for aircraft, automotive and fleet uses to meet stringent VOC and chrome free regulations. It offers the exceptional protection of a solvent borne
    ACWP Series a water-borne two component organic zinc rich modified polyurethane primer that meets the properties of conventional chromate conversion coating products. Formulated for use in the industrial OEM and
    Aqua-Poxy epoxy primer may be used as a stand alone primer or intermediate coat over zinc in offshore systems.  It is specifically formulated to meet stringent VOC regulations yet provide
    AUP Series is a high solids water-borne two component modified epoxy/polyurethane primer that provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. This environmentally friendly product is Low VOC and HAPS free yet
    OZWBP Series is a water-borne, environmentally friendly two component organic zinc rich epoxy primer that meets or exceeds the performance properties of a conventional solvent-borne. It is formulated for use
    The Aqua Prime Series offers the very latest in industrial water-borne primer technology by offering the performance of a solvent-borne alkyd primer in a water-borne acrylic modified alkyd primer. Until
    PWE – HS Series is the same as  PWE – Series except in a higher solids version. It is a single component, low VOC epoxy primer that features fast dry,
    PWE Series single component, low VOC epoxy primer features fast dry, good weathering and excellent chemical resistance for heavy duty maintenance applications. Formulated as a rust inhibitive, dual purpose primer