AU Series


AQUA-THANE is a high performance, 2 (two) component water-borne acrylic polyurethane that meets or exceeds the properties of conventional solvent-borne polyurethane. Film build up of 6 (six) mils wet is easily achieved without foaming or flow problems. This environmentally friendly, low VOC and HAPS free coating exhibits exceptional depth of image, abrasion, solvent and chemical resistance including Skydrol™, yet maintains hardness and is flexible. It also offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including steel, aluminum and galvanized metals – both eletroplated and hot-dipped, PVC, polypropylene and fiberglass composites.

Recommended Uses:  A deluxe finishing system for protection of aluminum and structural steel in environments where gloss retention and corrosion protection are primary requirements. This includes aircraft, computer cabinets, land and offshore drilling platforms, rail, transportation and wind generation.