EE-LV Series


EE-LV Series is the same as the Excalibur EE Series with the exception of being formulated with a select blend of exempt solvents to meet the needs of our customers that have stringent VOC requirements. It is a high gloss, economical, single package industrial enamel that will bond to a wide variety of substrates. This rust inhibitive modified alkyd may be used over properly primed surfaces or as a primer/finish coat in direct-to-metal applications in mild to medium industrial environments. It exhibits a tough durable film with good weathering properties, abrasion resistance and flexibility. Formulated for use in fast production shops where dry time is essential.

Recommended Uses: Formulated to protect and enhance structural steel.  Uses include steel structures, tank exteriors, bar joists, trailers and interior areas such as engine rooms, passageways and equipment.