EXTL 855 Series


EXTL-855 Tank Liner is high solid, sag resistant tank liner to allow for single coat application. The advantages of single coat application are reduced labor cost along with eliminating the possibility of surface contamination between coats. This product is a 2 (two) component, high solids coating formulated with a combination of epoxies, phenolics and amines for use as a versatile, high performance tank lining. This tested and proven formulation has been the workhorse in the industry for years. It has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as crude oil, sour crude, fuel oil, wastewater and a variety of other products. SEE CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHART FOR MORE SPECIFIC RESISTANCE DATA.

Recommended Uses:  Formulated for use in severe chemical and corrosion environments such as frac tanks, tank trailers and vacuum trucks where resistance to a wide range of chemicals, yet retaining good flexibility are primary requirements.