EXTL 995 Series


EXTL-995 Series is a high performance tank liner. This high build “edge retentive” may be used as an interior tank liner for a broad range of aggressive commodities acid or caustic. EXTL 995 is suitable for use in HCL acid applications up to 32%. This high solids, sag resistant, low VOC tank liner is formulated for single coat application, 25-50 mils DFT. The advantages of single coat application are reduced labor cost along with eliminating the possibility of surface contamination between coats. This product is a 2 (two) component, super high build coating formulated with a combination of epoxies, phenolics, novalac and amines for use as a versatile, high performance tank lining. This tested and proven formulation has been the “workhorse” in the industry for years. It has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as crude oil, sour crude, fuel oil, wastewater and a variety of other products. SEE CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHART FOR MORE SPECIFIC RESISTANCE DATA.

Recommended Uses: Formulated for use in severe chemical and corrosive environments such as frac tanks, tank trailers and vacuum trucks where resistance to a wide range of chemicals, yet retaining good flexibility are primary requirements.