HSURLV Series is a high solids acrylic polyurethane coating that features an extremely hard, tile-like finish that exhibits outstanding color stability, gloss retention and excellent resistance to chipping and abrasion. Other unique benefits are substrate adhesion, solvent/water/chemical resistance, elasticity, and corrosion protection. This extremely low VOC provides some of the latest technology to help comply with federal and state regulations surrounding the environmental issues of today. (See Excalibur’s Aqua-Thane (patent pending) if you are seeking further environmental enhancements.)

Recommended Uses: Highly recommended for the protection of steel anywhere a highly aesthetic, durable finish is required. This includes trucks, busses, trailers, construction, highway maintenance and oilfield service equipment. May be used direct-to-metal or as a finish coat over properly primed substrates. (Please contact Excalibur for specific primer recommendations.)