IC-3000 Series


Excalibur’s Insul Coat 3000 is a high performance thin film insulating coating, developed in 1984, to be used to replace conventional insulation. It can be used on exterior or interior surfaces and can be applied by airless spray, roller or brush.  Insul Coat 3000 has excellent flexibility and adhesion to almost any substrate including, but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized metals, concrete, wood, copper and existing roofing materials. The major difference between Insul Coat 2000 and Insul Coat 3000 is the 3000 will achieve the same heat resistance (or transfer) with approximately 20% less product due to the increased loading of proprietary ingredients.

Recommended Uses:  Insul Coat 3000 can be used on building exteriors, roofs, and walls to reduce energy use in both summer and winter.  It can be used on hot piping and equipment to meet OSHA regulations for personnel protection, as well as for control of process temperatures, crude oil tanks, asphalt tanks, hot water lines and tanks, reactors, valves, manifold assemblies and other complex configurations that would be difficult to insulate with conventional insulation materials.