PIE 750 Series


PIE 750 Series Epoxy Primer is a surface tolerant, high solids, immersion grade epoxy that can be applied direct-to-metal or as an intermediate coat under a wide variety of high performance finishes. It offers fast recoat times, moisture tolerance and low temperature cure yet dries to an extremely smooth finish that exhibits excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Recommended Uses: A VOC compliant, high build primer for use as an intermediate coat over zinc rich or as a primer to protect structural steel, tanks, drilling substructures, piping, tanks, trailers, separators, etc. from severe industrial environments. Great choice of epoxy primer for OEM manufactures or anyone who is looking for a high performance epoxy to meet demanding production schedules. May also be used for immersion in non-potable water, fresh water or salt water. Consult your Excalibur Representative for other chemicals.