PIE Eco-Pox Series


PIE Series is a economical, highly versitaile cross linked epoxy that may be used in a wide variety of applications and industries.  It may be used as a traditional primer or as a stand alone primer/finish coat.  It has a high solids, low VOC and exhibits excellent corrosion protection, impact and abrasion resistance.  It forms a tough, flexible chemical resistant film yet is easy to sand.

Recommended Uses: A VOC compliant, high build primer for use as an intermediate coat over zinc rich or as a primer to protect structural steel, tanks, drilling substructures, piping, trailers, separators, etc. from severe industrial environments. Great choice of epoxy primer for OEM manufactures or anyone who is looking for a high performance epoxy to meet demanding production schedules. May also be used for immersion in non-potable water, fresh water or salt water. Consult your Excalibur Representative for other chemicals.