Excalibur’s UC-333 is a water based, high build thixotropic permanent underbody coating.  It forms a hard waxy film after drying that remains flexible to resist rock chipping.  It also imparts excellent water displacing properties even in the presence of alkali and has excellent adhesion to a variety of metal surfaces.

 Recommended Uses: Excalibur’s UC-333 has a wide variety of uses. As a high performance coating for use on piping, valves and duck work. As a undercoater for truck, trailers, containers and other moving vehicles and equipment where chipping and corrosion resistance are a primary concern. As a void coating for ships and barges. May be used on metal and shingle roofs with a recommended topcoat. Also as a protective waterproofing coating for below grade concrete and masonry. May be applied direct to properly prepared steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, etc.

 Recommended Topcoats: Excalibur UC-333 may be top coated with water based products such as Excalibur Aqua Gloss, Aqua – Thane and Insul – Coat. Contact your Excalibur representative for specific recommendations.